• The submission of abstracts can only be accepted via the online abstract system. Abstracts sent by e-mail or post will not be accepted. Please use digiAbstract via Congress web page.

  • Presentations in the congress should be in the form of experimental studies, clinical trials and original case reports that should contribute to the scientific development and give a result message. İt is recommended that you carefully make the final check of your abstract before submitting your statement. The abstracts submitted through the online submitting system should be paid attention to writing mistakes as they will be made into digital books. Authors are responsible for all typographical errors.

  • 1. Authors can submit their abstracts in English or Turkish

    2. The submission of abstracts can only be accepted via the online abstract system.

    3. Authors name shouldn’t include any academical title.

    4. The name should be written with first letter in capital

    Ex: Mehmet Küçük

    5. Name and address of the institution in which the author is employed, should be stated.

    Ex: Xxxx University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Xxxx, Istanbul, Turkey

    6. The name of an abstract title should be written with just first letter in capital. (abbreviations are excluded.)

    Ex: Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx

    7. If the abbreviation is used in the abstract, the explicit name of the abbreviation should be specified in parentheses.

    8. The purpose of the study and the methods used in the abstract should be briefly stated, the findings should be summarized with sufficient numerical detail and the results should be explained within the framework of the presented findings.

    9. Abstract should be written using objectives, methods, findings and conclusions.

    10. The entire abstract should not exceed 450 words, excluding the title name, author's name, surname.

    The abstract, which does not comply with any of these articles, will be excluded from the evaluation, regardless of its contents.

  • • If you are going to use the online abstract submission module for the first time, sign up for the system using the "New User" link.

    • Once you finished the registration procedd, you will receive notes on the screen that will help you. Please read the messages and explanations carefully.

    • Since abstracts sent over the online system will be printed in the without any change, it is necessary to pay attention to typographical errors.

    • Keep your confirmation messages at your email address after you send an abstract.

    • You can track the entire evaluation process for your report via the system with your email and password.

    For the accepted oral presentation authors,
    To present your abstract as oral presentation, “the Presenter who is specified as in the system, have to complete their registration.

    For the accepted oral presentation authors,
    To present your abstract as poster presentation, one of the authors have to complete their registration.

    For technical support or inquiries during submitting, please contact +9 0232 464 13 51 or email to cerebralpalsy@egekongre.com

  • The evaluation will be made by the Scientific Evaluation Committee as blind review by keeping the names/surnames and institutions of the researchers secret over the internet. At least one of the researchers must complete the congress registration process in order for the papers to be presented at the congress and published in the abstract book. The Scientific Committee has the right to change and decide on papers as oral or poster presentations. The result of the evaluation will be sent to all the owners of the presentation as a final letter and we strongly state that the presentation holders should pay attention to the final decision on how their presentation sits.

  • • Abstract, Microsoft Word program, A4 (210X297) form,, single line spacing, margins; left, right, bottom and top - 2 cm, should be prepared as plain text. Max 15 pages included References.

    • Abstract;, Times New Roman font, 12 points should be prepared as plain text. The margin is 1 cm.

    • Primary Titles are in bold and capital letters and secondary titles and other subtitles first letter in bolt and just first letters with capital letter.

    • Tables and Figures should be numbered consecutively.

    • References should be cited in the text, should be listed in alphabetically order, 11 points with margin 1 cm