14:00-14:30 Opening and Welcome Speeches Hakan Şenaran, Dilek Sabancı
14:30-15:00 OPENING CONFERENCE 1 Chair: İpek Akman
  Medicine and art of painting Yelda Yalaman
15:00-15:45 CONFERENCE 2 Chair: Hakan Şenaran
  Stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy Iona Novak
15:45-16:15 BREAK
16:15-17:00 CONFERENCE 3 Chairs: Kıvılcım Gücüyener, Mintaze Kerem Günel
  COVID 19 and handicapped child Arnab Seal
17:00-17:45 CONFERENCE 4 Chair: Muharrem İnan
  What families and physiotherapists expect from surgery? How much of your expectations can be met? Muharrem Yazıcı
17:45-18:15 BREAK
18:15-19:30 PANEL 1 - Technology Based Rehabilitation Practices Chairs: Gönül Acar, Baki Umut Tuğay
18.15-18.35 Technology based approaches to cerebral palsy: Biomechatronic designs Erkan Kaplanoğlu
18.35-18.55 Telerehabilitation Cemil Özal
18.55-19.15 Evidence based technology applications in paediatric rehabilitation Devrim Tarakçı
19.15-19.30 Discussion


13:00-13:15 Opening and Welcome Speeches Hakan ŞenBreakn, İsmail Kemal Gürleyik
13:15-14:00 Conference 1 Chair: Uğur Özbek
  Stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy Iona Novak
14:00-14:45 Conference 2 Chair: Murat Oto
  The role of orthopaedics in the treatment of cerebral palsy Güney Yılmaz
14:45-15:30 Conference 3 Chair: Baki Umut Tuğay
  Family-based goal-oriented physiotherapy approaches Mintaze Kerem Günel
15:30-16:00 Break
16:00-16:45 Conference 4 Chair: Gönül Acar
  Nutrition in cerebral palsy Şule Aktaç
16:45-17:30 Conference 5 Chair: İpek Akman
  Education at home Pelin Piştav Akmeşe
17:30-19:00 PANEL 1 - Participation in Life and Contribution of Assistive Technology Chair: Semih Ayta
17.30-17.45 Sport and disability Ahmet Bozdam
17.45-18.00 No difficulty can beat love Tuğba Erbilen Gültekin
18.15-18.30 Importance of the assistive technology in educational life Oğulcan KBreakman
18.30-18.45 Disability in working life Alper Şirvan
18.45-19.00 Discussion