Dear Friends,

I would like to announce that 8th International Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Disorders Congress on Digital Congress Platform between February 26-28, 2021.

This scientific meeting, named after our dear Prof. Hıfzı Özcan, is of great importance as in 2022, we will be celebrating the fiftieth year of our zealous efforts for Cerebral Palsy in our country. I am sure that crowning the 50th year with a scientific meeting will realize Prof. Özcan’s biggest dreams. He constantly stressed the importance of conducting research, of discussing Cerebral Palsy in scientific environments, training young people, and encouraged everyone in this direction.

Some of the speeches and presentations will be presented on the record, participants' questions will be taken via the platform during the live broadcast, and the chairmen will ask them to the panellists in the discussion section.

If the accepted oral and poster abstracts meet the necessary requirements, will be published in ULAKBIM TR Directory.

On behalf of the Spastic Children Foundation of Turkey and Congress Organizing Committee, I have the honour to invite you and your families to our congress.

Best regards,

Prof. Hakan Şenaran, M. D
President of Congress